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29 Nov. Documental+debate: Lois Pereiro+Iago Martínez

Novembro 23, 2011



Against death

Written and directed by Alexandre Cancelo and Iago Martínez

Lois Pereiro approach today is to find a great poet, a voice for the future of Galician poetry and writing against the universal death of the most beautiful verses. Total poet, played with force and brought death to the best of Galicia European literary avant-garde end of the century.

His work is a journey without return to the deeper and hidden from man, one does not exit intact from a poem of Lois. Those who knew him, those who were members of his generation, make a picture of Lois Pereiro, the semiotics of his body, his look and personality. This is to discover what was in his life, a survey of what remains of his destiny in their memories.

Iago Martinez (Vigo, 1979) is a cultural journalist who publishes regularly in El Pais, Rockdelux and ProTexta, and other Indian reservations. Lois Pereiro. Vida e obra (Xerais, 2011) is his first book and Contra a morte, written and directed with Alexandre Cancelo, his first feature documentary. The last three years he worked for Xornal de Galicia and, where he was chief coordinator of the Culture and supplements Nós, Exit and Contexto. Before he worked for O Miñor, Atlántico Diario, 20 Minutos and Tempos Novos, he collaborated with Mondosonoro and coordinated the books magazine ProTexta. As researcher he has published papers on the treatment of domestic violence in Galician media and the journalistic work of Carlos Casares, compiled for the publishing company Galaxia.


Guión e Dirección: Alexandre Cancelo e Iago Martínez

Produción: IN Cinema SL, Sociedad Estatal de Acción Cultural, Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Agadic) coa colaboración de Televisión de Galicia, Concello de Monforte e Deputación de Lugo

Produción Executiva: Ignacio Benedeti, Xosé Zapata

Dirección de Produción: Laura Zapata

Axudante de Dirección: Xes Chapela

Imaxe: Vanesa Amoedo, Justo Guisasola

Son Directo: Roi Gil, Pablo Vidal (Cochlea Audio)

Montaxe: Alexandre Cancelo

Música: Phill Niblock. Guitar Too, For Four (Toral Version), Sin Red. Improvisación, O’Leo i Arremecághona. Mala Sorte, Radio Océano. Narcisimo (Letra: Lois Pereiro Música: Xosé M. Pereiro)


Original version in Galician subtitled in Spanish language.

Length: 55 min

Year: 2011

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