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28 Nov. Os medios en Galicia e en Galego: Iago Martínez

Novembro 23, 2011


Conference on the situation of the media

(Dramatic?) Report about journalism in Galician language.

The communication field is undergoing a profound crisis in the world. The traditional business model seems exhausted and there are no alternatives in the present context of economic recession. In the Galician case the situation is even worse: newspapers disappear in Galician, media report a growing process of deslegitimation, the profession suffers high unemployment rates and a media system hooked by institutional subsidies hinders the incorporation of new agents. The price civil society pays is high, more so from the election results of November 20th, which concentrate municipal, regional and state power in a single political party. Can the Internet be a way out? We will try to answer this question in 60 minutes.

Iago Martinez (Vigo, 1979) is a cultural journalist who publishes regularly in El Pais, Rockdelux and ProTexta, and other Indian reservations. Lois Pereiro. Vida e obra (Xerais, 2011) is his first book and Contra a morte, written and directed with Alexandre Cancelo, his first feature documentary. The last three years he worked for Xornal de Galicia and, where he was chief coordinator of the Culture and supplements Nós, Exit and Contexto. Before he worked for O Miñor, Atlántico Diario, 20 Minutos and Tempos Novos, he collaborated with Mondosonoro and coordinated the books magazine ProTexta. As researcher he has published papers on the treatment of domestic violence in Galician media and the journalistic work of Carlos Casares, compiled for the publishing company Galaxia.


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